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HolidayCheck 2022 Awards – Crown & Champa Resorts win 7 accolades

HolidayCheck 2022 Awards – Crown & Champa Resorts win 7 accolades


Crown & Champa Resorts collection is proud to announce seven of its properties have won the 2022 HolidayCheck award. 

HolidayCheck is the largest and most renowned independent travel review portal in German-speaking countries. As a travel review portal, HolidayChecks’HolidayChecks’ annual recognition awards act as a primary indicator of guest satisfaction and a global benchmark for guests to use with confidence to check the quality of accommodation. For the 2022 awards, evaluated approximately 360,000-holiday reviews from 2021.

The resort collection had been bestowed with Holidaycheck recognition and awards for consecutive years and in 2022, again standing out in the Maldives as a top destination for German-speaking travellers.

Winners Of The “HolidayCheck Special Award” 2022

The recognition awarded to the top 10 hotels in the region – the Maldives

“Recommended on HolidayCheck” Award Winners for 2022

This is an annual award earned by hotels which enjoyed positive ratings from holidaymakers during the previous year.

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